About us

Fashion Jewellery is handcrafted in Istanbul and based in St Albans.

Welcome to Sadehane, the creative heart of Merve and Ertu. At Sadehane, we believe in the transformative power of what you wear, embracing the philosophy that every item carries its own story and significance. We aim to create unique, meaningful, and everlasting pieces that become lifelong companions.

*Our Journey*
Sadehane's story began in 2016 in Istanbul. Our journey originated from a modest workbench, evolving into a thriving collective of artisans. My foray into jewellery making started in Istanbul's Grand Bazaar, a prestigious hub for craftsmanship. This experience fueled my passion for creating distinct jewellery and led to the birth of Sadehane. Our name is a blend of the Turkish words "Sade" (pure, simple, and technically raw jewelry) and "Hane" (home), which reflects our commitment to refined designs crafted with a homely touch. From a simple home workshop, Sadehane has grown into an expansive network of skilled artisans, bridging talents from London to Istanbul.

*Our Craft*
At Sadehane, we specialize in 925 sterling silver and brass pieces, occasionally adorned with 14k or 18k gold or Rhodium plating. We incorporate gemstones and natural elements, creating an aesthetic harmony with nature. Our jewellery is crafted using traditional wax carving and metalsmithing, marrying age-old techniques with contemporary design. Each piece is a testament to our journey, combining simplicity, elegance, and the essence of Quiet Luxury that defines Sadehane.

*Sustainability at Our Core*
We are deeply committed to sustainability and ethical practices. This ethos drives us to use recycled materials and repurposes found treasures from global flea markets into new, breathtaking jewellery pieces.

*Discover Our World*
We warmly invite you to delve into the Sadehane universe. Explore our collections on our website and Etsy, and connect with us on social media to witness the artistry and dedication in each creation. Discover the story behind each piece - your very own #Jewelleryshoponyourfinger.

With heartfelt creativity,
Merve and Ertu