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18k Gold Adjustable Snake Ring

18k Gold Adjustable Snake Ring

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18k Gold Plated Brass Snake Ring, available with Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby Gemstones.

The ring is adjustable

Our Adjustable Gold Snake Ring uniquely crafted to wrap your finger in the enchanting allure of a snake, adorned with a variety of captivating gemstone options to personalize your style. (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald)

Ruby: Symbolizing passion and vitality, the deep red hues of ruby evoke a sense of love and energy.

Emerald: Radiating lush green tones, emerald embodies renewal, growth, and the harmony of nature.

Sapphire: With its regal blue shades, sapphire represents wisdom, loyalty, and divine blessings.

The shedding of a snake's skin is a powerful metaphor for renewal and transformation. In many spiritual traditions, the snake is seen as a symbol of the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. It represents the ability to shed the old and embrace the new, signifying personal growth and transformation.Snakes are often associated with healing and renewal, particularly in ancient cultures. The intertwined serpent staff, known as the Caduceus, is a symbol of medicine and healing in Greek mythology, and similar symbols appear in other traditions. Morever, snake is sometimes seen as a symbol of spiritual awakening or enlightenment. Its ability to move close to the ground and navigate hidden places may symbolize the journey into the depths of the unconscious or spiritual realms.Some cultures view snakes as protectors or guardians of sacred spaces. The serpent's presence at the entrance of temples or other sacred sites is believed to ward off evil and ensure spiritual protection.In Eastern spiritual traditions like Kundalini yoga, the coiled snake is a metaphor for the dormant spiritual energy located at the base of the spine. Awakening this energy (Kundalini) is believed to lead to higher states of consciousness.

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