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Silver "Flower of Life" Bracelet

Silver "Flower of Life" Bracelet

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925 Sterling Silver Flower of Life Bracelet with Shiny Chain.

The bracelet length is 18 cm; however, please select the length which you prefer through the variation section.

Flower of Life:
The Flower of Life is often regarded as a fundamental geometric shape that underlies the structure of the universe. Many consider it a visual representation of the interconnectedness of all life and the divine order of creation. The Flower of Life has been found in ancient temples, artifacts, and manuscripts around the world, indicating its significance in various cultures. It is often considered a symbol of ancient wisdom and the universal truths that transcend time and culture.The interconnected circles of the Flower of Life are thought to symbolize the harmony and unity of existence. It is a visual reminder that all living things are interconnected and part of a larger, unified whole.The Flower of Life is associated with the concept of energy and vibration. It is believed that meditating on this sacred geometry can help align one's energies and promote a harmonious flow of vibrations within the body and spirit.

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